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Haunted Harburg – finally entering the stage again!

After long years we’ll get on stage again on June 8th 2024. Along with Jarl, Nebelkrähe and Mrok we’ll play in the Stellwerk Hamburg under the banner of “Haunted Harburg”. Tickets available via the Wiedergænger Bandcamp shop. The event on Facebook…

Drummer found

Happy New Year, dear Wiedergæng – and finally some good news again! We have been able to fill the position on the drums with Richard. More information about our new drummer will be available soon. Say “Hi!” to Richard!

Drummer wanted!

Edit: We have now found a new drummer in Richard. We are looking for a new drummer. Are you up for the job or do you know someone? About us: We have been founded in 2014. We are four people aged between 34 and 42: Vocals, two guitars, bass. Our style ranges from a focus…

Line-up change

Dear Wiedergæng, we’ve got news – bad ones, unfortunately. Ansgar and Wiedergænger are going seperate ways from now on. We are very sorry about that, Ansgar was a founding member and so this decision wasn’t made easily. It is just based on musical reasons. Ansgar, we wish you only the best and hope that the…

Can you guess all Wiedergænger songs?

We are still not totally inactive. The “Wiedergænger Pandemic Orchestra” plays three medleys of our songs, available at our Soundcloud (see below). Guess all our songs! The first one to write us an email via or message with all songs in the correct order will get a t-shirt from us.

Ein höherer Feind

Stay at home? Will do.Stay inactive? Won’t do.We’ve got a message. A song. For all those who are going through hard times. This one is for you. The entire revenue of “Ein höherer Feind” on our Bandcamp will be donated to the Seebrücke. Leave no one behind.

Interview with Johnny Raw

Since we don’t have too much to do right now we were happy to give Johnny Raw – 100% Antirassistischer Band Support an interview. You’ll find it (German) here – click on it, the preview might be hard to read. Daniel hat sich mal mit Wiedergænger unterhalten.Hier gibt es das Ergebnis:Daniel:Hi Leute, stellt Euch bitte…

April Metal Ritual

Another gig for 2020 is set: On saturday, 25 april, we’ll be the opener for the April Metal Ritual 3 in the Headcrash, Hamburg. POSTPONED DUE TO THE CORONA CRISIS! To the facebook event… Get your tickets here!

Red Castle Crashers

The first gig for next year is set: On 17 january 2020 we’ll be part of “Red Castle Crashers” in the Jugenzentrum Rotenburg (Wümme) and support Queijada and Black Stains. To the facebook event… Get your tickets here!

Next Step Festival 2019

New gig: We’ll fill in for Infection who can’t play due to health issues (get well soon!) as the opener for the Next Step Festival 2019 on 14 december in the Indra Club in Hamburg. To the facebook event… Get your tickets here!

Photos from the Kaiserkeller

A couple of decent photographers took pictures during our gig in the Kaiserkeller. Thanks to Lutz Thom Suden and Denny of Thjodrörir for the nice shots!

Shit, now they’re talking, too?

We have been invited to take part in the podcast of 3. Stock Record and could not be stopped talking. You’d like to know how our lyrics are being made, what kind of visions we have and who’s the biggest gardener in the band? Listen! (German only)

A trip to the capital

Finally we’ll get our bums out of Hamburg – we are going to play on 29 November in Berlin at the Nox A Carnival Vol. 7 in the Schicksaal-Tommyhaus! To the event on facebook…

Ich bin dein Traum

Good night! One and a half year after the first song, “Ich bin dein Traum” (“I am your dream”) makes the release of “Trümmer aus der Tiefe” complete. A lullaby? Try it out! Lyrics: Mit blutigen Händenwühl’ ich durch dein HirnLasten und ÄngsteLeid für stille Stunden Keine RuheKein Entrinnenaus meinem grausigen GriffDich lasse ich nicht…

Capitalism strikes back!

It won’t take long until the last service provider has processed our data: By then, you will be able to listen to us on Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, IP-enabled coffee machines and wherever you like to enjoy your music!

Wiedergænger at Clochard

Saturday 20th of July there will be some mayhem! We will be enjoying happy devastation alongside with Lernaean and Celebrate The Bloodshed. Excuses like empty pockets will not be accepted this time, because admission will be free! … head here for the Facebook event (German language though)

Vier Tage, vier Nächte

Hamburg is burning! You could find a description of our new song “Vier Tage, vier Nächte” (“Four days, four nights”) from “Trümmer aus der Tiefe” here – if we had a sparkling idea. A song about the days when the old Hamburg burned to ashes, a song about superbity. Lyrics: So heiß der Lenz in…

Come on, basement dwellers!

Thursday, November 7th,we’re going to play in the Kaiserkeller Hamburg with Herbstschatten, Kataris (Ex-Maggie’s First Words) & Thjodrörir. You’ll find tickets here! To the Facebook event…

Photos from the Astra-Stube

We received a couple of photos from our gig in the Astra-Stube. Thanks to Martina John, Taina Klann, Daniel (our ex-guitar player) and Bianca Hesselink.

Ekke Nekkepenn

Get on your quilted jacket and open the rosé wine… …we’re heading for the island of Sylt! An old Frisian legend made into Metal for the first time – here is Ekke Nekkepenn! Have fun with the next song from “Trümmer aus der Tiefe“. Lyrics: Delling skell ik bruwMearen skell ik baakAurmearn skell ik Bröllep…

On stage again

For the first time in the new line-up we’ll be playing live on January 5th 2019 in the Astra Stube at Stubenmosher V. We expect you to be there!

Complete again

Wiedergænger are a five-piece! With breathtaking speed we found reinforcements. Mirco will be the future steamhammer on the rhythm guitar. Here you’ll get to know him a little!

Line-up change

Dear Wiedergæng, we’d rather have good news for you. Unfortunately, we have to tell you that we and our rhythm guitar player Daniel will go separate ways after almost four years. This decision wasn’t easy for anyone because Daniel significantly shaped this band as a founding member. We’d like to thank him wholeheartedly for his…

Würmer (Kein Fußbreit)

Times like these demand attitude We find it despicable and unbearable when people are being discriminated against or even persecuted for things they did not choose. Our anger against those who consider themselves better than others and refuse to learn from history has been forged into a song. Here is “Würmer (Kein Fußbreit)” (“Worms”), the…

Finally on stage

A review of our debut gig We’ve waited quite a long time for this moment: Last thursday we celebrated our public live debut in the Indra Club. Small technical problems did not stop us and all in all, we are very happy. Thanks to Frank who made the gig possible, the team of the Indra…

Through palaces and stadiums

Concerts, concerts. Are they going to play at every socket? We have to more gigs for you! April 21st, Revolt! @ Bambi Galore, Kulturpalast Hamburg On 4/21 we support Alda (USA) und Zuriaake (China) at the Bambi Galore, Kulturpalast Hamburg. Ticket price 15 Euro (presale) / 17 Euro (door). Entrance 8 p.m., begin 9 p.m….

Wiedergænger live @Indra Club 64

Where: Indra Club 64, Große Freiheit 64, 22767 Hamburg When: Thursay, March 8th 2018, 10.30 p.m.. Wiedergænger leave their burial mound and enter the stage! We’ll be part of a mixed band evening and you’ll enjoy about half an hour of deep diggin’ dreck’n’roll. Be part of our stage debut on this historical ground! The…

Wie Donnerhall

A song about someone going to war with a light heart and returning as a broken man… We don’t want to waste a lot of words. Listen now to our new piece called “Wie Donnerhall” (“Like thunder’s echo”) from the upcomping demo EP “Trümmer aus der Tiefe“. We’re looking forward to your opinion! Lyrics: Der…

Trümmer aus der Tiefe

Something’s rolling towards you! It won’t be long until “Trümmer aus der Tiefe” hits your ears. In a couple of days we’ll release the first song from our second demo called “Wie Donnerhall”. Here is the complete tracklist: Wie Donnerhall Würmer (Kein Fußbreit) Ich bin dein Traum Ekke Nekkepenn Vier Tage, vier Nächte You can…

Second release in progress

Trümmer aus der Tiefe After the demotape is before the next one: A couple of weeks ago we started recording our second release with five songs. The drums are done, the bass guitar and the guitars are being added and lots of various vocals will be joining. Prepare yourselves for a really diverse output! We…