Philosophy & attitude

Metal with a mindset: Wiedergænger and politics

Wiedergænger wasn’t founded to propagate a particular world view, politically or philosophically. Also, all band members don’t agree in every aspect. But lyrics like “Würmer (Kein Fußbreit”) are being supported by all of us and we don’t share the illusion that anything more important than a cooking recipe may be “unpolitical” these days.


No one of us would balk at getting rich with our music (let’s not talk “famous”). Anyway, this is not our main goal. We support the idea that – in the Information Age – the way of getting publicity cannot be by criminalising the audience. Thus, private sharing of our music is absolutely legal. We decided to publish our songs under a creative commons licence which shall make it possible for everyone to use AND spread it. This is a decision of priciples, not just pragmatism. When it comes to negotiate with a possible label (Hi, here we are!), this will be a main question to be discussed.

The licence used is CC BY 3.0. That means you are free to download the songs and spread it (please respect our values). We’d like to here from you when you use, publish or process the Wiedergænger songs – see our contact details.

Anybody who has the idea to use our music in a nationalist, racist, revisionist or any other right-wing context, shall suffer from lifelong diarrhea. We oppose those ideas fundamentally and prohibit any use of our material in that way.