Richard, drums

Grandma didn’t think drumming on the floor to melodic videos was so great and gave the youngster two knitting needles and a pillow. His father’s enthusiasm for rhythmic drumming rounded off the need and the coincidence.Wiedergænger - Richard, Schlagzeug

Self-taught and always having a beat in mind, he joined his first punk band. Shortly afterwards, people with a double foot machine were standing in the doorway – new metal, metalcore it was to be. There were also a few excursions into rock and rock’n’roll. After a long break (children), he was now given the chance to play the drums here.

His commitment to music and nonsense always went beyond the norm. Rehearsal rooms and concert opportunities were created even under the most unfavourable conditions. The stage construction and sound engineering are also well remembered. Recording and producing music was often on the agenda and in many theoretical areas plays a role in our own area of interest and continues to be pursued there with great excitement. (The Old Composer, Drumeo, The Carismatic Voice)

Many nice people have been met in the course of my musical career. Openness, transparency and a love of music are values we live by. Richard says: Thank you.