Daniel, rhythm guitar

Wiedergaenger-Metal-Hamburg-Daniel-RhythmusgitarreOriginally Daniel wielded the four-string axe of Wiedergænger. As the band was searching for reinforcements it became clear that rather the six-string guitar is his profession. So he passed the deep tones to Ronny. Since these days Wiedergænger is a five-piece and Daniel tries hard to teach his tired bones to play the complicated beats Jakob wrote. Being the band’s pessimist he often shakes his grey hair about the juvenile zeal of this young bandmates. At best, he just bangs his head to the double bass of the blonde giant Ansgar who raises the roof.

Daniel gained his experience playing for the punk rock band “DUusK”, later in severaly death metal projects and in the technical black metal project “Die Physiker”.

Under the influence of:
Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Motörhead, Tiamat, Therion, Hypocrisy

Wiedergænger, Metal-Band aus Hamburg. Rhythmusgitarrist Daniel im Wald

Photo by Markus “Eddie” B.